Rick Remenber Leaves Marvel (Sorta)

Rick Remenber has been one of the superstars of the Marvel universe in recent years, often playing the harmonies to Jonathan Hickman’s front chords.  Having acclaimed runs on titles like Secret Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, the Punisher, and many, many others, he has become a celebrated part of the complexity of this contemporary Marvel universe.  As they shift to the All-New, All Different Marvel, he thought it might be the perfect time to leave.

More specifically, he is taking an extended break from Marvel.

In a post on his blog he wrote about his eight year journey with Marvel Comics, which he talks very highly of.

It’s an unseasonably cold June morning in Los Angeles as I drink my third cup of coffee and prepare for the self-inflicted anxiety attack. The caffeinated monkey on my back is another symptom of working too much, for too many years. My rocket fuel of choice propels me headlong into a frenzy of typing up fantasy and adventure and chicanery before drop-ping me down into the sad alleyways of the inevitable crash, low productivity, and more boiling beige. Cutting back on my journey to brown town is next on a long list of things that need to happen for my sanity, but, and most importantly, cutting back on the reason that sweet brown horse is needed to pull me through the mud each day; too much work and not enough time with my family as we go through some health issues. Leading me to today’s news.

After eight years with the company, I’ve decided to take a break from my work at Marvel Comics. I feel it an urgent necessity to focus on my family and my creator-owned endeavors. Marvel enabled me to provide for my family as it grew, as my two children appeared into the world, and for that I am indebted and eternally grateful. They offered me their biggest flagship titles, they paid me well, and allowed me to sleep knowing my family could afford a doctor visit should one be needed, and this was not the case for most of my adult life. Most of my life was spent in self-imposed abject poverty, quitting one lucrative job after another, to produce my own creator-owned comics in a market that didn’t seem to want such things. But that has changed. People want a wide variety of comics now. So, with your support, I’m going to chase that dream down and eat his sweet, sweet brains. When I was 25, against the advice of everyone in my life, I left my first profitable job, then in animation, to do creator-owned comics. I wrote myself a letter to convince myself that, “the unknown road holds better treasure, and even if it doesn’t, you have to be true to yourself, to five independent or die and see what you can do on your own.” I reread that letter a few weeks ago and it helped soothe my fears. If I’d stayed in that job, or any of the in-house jobs I’ve left since it, I’d have never created the things that make me most fulfilled in my career. So, for the next year, I’m only going to do work that the artists and I own. Putting my ass on the line along with my partners, and try for the dream one more time. To get back to doing what feeds my soul. To be around for my family during some trying times and spend my work hours making comics with the people I want to, the exact way we want to make them, and owning and controlling the fruits of our labor. I’ve dedicated my life to making comics. I love it. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to stop doing it. You fine people make that possible by investing in the characters and stories we create. It sounds flat and insincere for some reason, but it’s not. Thank you for caring about these stories so I can keep collaborating with these amazing people to cook them up. Here’s to a year of creator-owned comics, Rick

For fans of Remender, this is actually kind of exciting as his work on Black Science and Low have been incredible.  He has been a vital part of the Image Renaissance, and it would be nice to see even more of him for a year.  For those that are deeply tied with Marvel heroes, it is a bittersweet departure as he is one of the unique writers that really help to keep the universe into a world of depth.

Interested in checking out some of Rick Remender’s Creator-Owned work?  Low has been the most incredible of these, and where we would recommend beginning.

Low Volume 1: The Delirium of Hope

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    […] For those who have had trouble keeping up with Rick Remender’s Low because of the period between issues and complex story world, this is one of the best issues.  The story here is separated somewhat from the regular flow of the story and instead gives you a one-off story that really will get you back into the series.  Allow us to avoid spoling anything, but this is also the perfect jump on point for that new story arc.  The perfect time to check out the series, especially now that Remender has really committed to continuing it by leaving Marvel. […]


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