Top Five New Titles to Watch in the All-New, All Different Marvel Reboot

With the brand new series that are being released as part of the post-Secret Wars, All-New, All Different Marvel reboot, a lot of characters are being switched between books.  This has received a lot of press attention, but what has been ignored to a degree is how different creators are switching around.  Kelly Sue Deconnick is off of Captain Marvel.  G. Willow Wilson will also be writing A-Force.  Rick Remender leaving Marvel all-together.  With all of these superstar creators playing magical chairs with our favorite books has left a lot of exciting things on the horizon.  So what books are we really looking forward to?  We have created a list based on expectations, characters, and the quality of the creators that represent what we are really excited for ones the heat from this summer’s mega-event finally subsides.  As is always true with these lists, it is relatively subjective and at the whims of the editors, but we tried to keep a fair eye on what will be coming out.

Karnak #1

Karnak #1

5. Karnak #1
W: Warren Ellis A: Gerardo Zaffino CA: David Aja

The excitement about this release, as we mentioned in a different article, is on Ellis’ ability to take a minor character and turned them into a gritty and stylized corner of the Marvel universe before handing it off to later teams.  Karnak is a character that most of us have zero history with, but whose longstanding history with the Inhumans is a great option for mining their past characters.  We do not know a lot yet about what kind of treatment Ellis will be giving Karnak, but the cover image gives us a sense that this will not be the “sunnyside up” appearance of many of the other Marvel heroes.

Squadron Supreme

Squadron Supreme

4. Squadron Supreme #1
W: James Robinson A: Leonard Kirk CA: Alex Ross

With the recent Airboy meta-series from Image on everyone’s mind, James Robinson is a creator that many of us want to see in full form again.  Squadron Supreme with an eye towards the Golden Age is exactly that series.  Squadron Supreme is not a team that has been used that well in recent years, and there is a great bit of curiosity about what James Robinson will do with a set of characters like this.

A-Force #1

A-Force #1

3. A-Force #1
W: G. Willow Wilson CA: Victor Ibanez

This new all-female Avengers-like team has seen a great few issues through Secret Wars and seems to be a great way to begin breaking the male-only hegemony that has tainted the Marvel universe.  So far it has had the kind of flair that has made the solo books of many of its primary characters interesting.  With G Willow Wilson from Ms. Marvel at the helm, it seems like there will be a smart and very relatable character set at play and will give us a lot of the charm that has made Ms. Marvel so successful.

Hawkeye #1

Hawkeye #1

2. Hawkeye #1
W: Jeff Lemire A: Ramon Perez

This is actually one of the stranger titles on the list.  Hawkeye was completely redesigned by Matt Fraction, so when Jeff Lemire took the reigns of the character with All-New Hawkeye we didn’t know what to think.  As the issues came out we saw that what he was doing was a parallel story and art set, telling the past and present simultaneously, and really not trying to emulate Fraction and Aja’s work.  The story has focused heavily on setting the foundation for the character, and now we know why because this All-New Hawkeye series is more like a miniseries setting up what will come in and after Secret Wars.  The new Hawkeye series will now use the foundations set before to tell a story that will take the two Hawkeyes to a much older age.  Jeff Lemire is one of comics’ real talents, so we are excited to see the changes coming.

The Mighty Thor #1

The Mighty Thor #1

1. The Mighty Thor #1
W: Jason Aaron A: Russell Dauterman

Jason Aaron has completely redefined Thor as equally mythological and a part of the Marvel universe, and his run on Thor God of Thunder may be the defining arcs of Thor today.  He followed that up with the amazing Thor run that brought us right up to the Thors miniseries as a part of Secret Wars, that mined the mythology to develop a strange meta-detective story.  Now he is returning again in full force, and this stands are the series we should be really watching.  What is he going to do with Thor next?

These are only a small fraction of what has been announced, and there are many more series that will warrant serious attention.  Ms. Marvel, The Vision, Old Man Logan, and Wolverine all seem to be great and fresh takes that we should add to our pull list as well.


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