Leaked Deadpool Trailer Removed from Websites, But We Found It!

San Diego Comic Con is one of the best places to get new reveals about major television shows, movies, and comics, especially with exclusive trailers.  Ryan Reynolds and the studio presented the new trailer for Deadpool, which includes the zany ultra-violence the character is known for.  The trailer, of course, leaked with cam footage becoming one of the most popular things associated with SDCC 2015.  What was the studio’s response?  To forcefully have it pulled from hosting.

We would love to show you the trailer here, and we’re going to!  This could mean that we will get a cease and desist order or simply have the video go offline, but lets get this out while we can.  The kind of control these large corporate entities hold over these properties is an embarrassment.  It is our fandom that allows this to be a success, so let’s get to it!

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