Complete Collection of All San Diego Comic Con 2015 Premiere Movie Trailers

San Diego Comic Con is not just the biggest comic book event of the year in the United States, it is one of the biggest parties for promoting major Hollywood projects.  It is incredibly common to announce new projects, reveal new facts about existing film projects, and to release epic trailers to get audiences excited about blockbuster properties common to the sliver screen.  At SDCC 2015, this happened in spades because of the large number of direct comic book films coming up soon, both from the two majors and from indies.

Here we have collected all of the breakthrough movie trailers that were premiered at this year’s Comic Con, and we are putting them all on the same page so you don’t have to hunt!  This includes not just the trailers for upcoming movies, but also first looks at projects that are not even ready for trailers, new television season trailers, and behind the scenes videos that were getting fans to jump from their seats.  This includes incredible releases like the Batman v. Superman complete trailer, and the trailer for the upcoming Walking Dead spin-off on AMC.

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