Complete List of DC’s October 2015 Monster Variant Covers


DC has had a great pattern in recent years of doing monthly, cross-title variant covers that cost the same as the regular covers and have a central theme.  Some are a promotional theme, like the Scribblenauts variant covers used to promote the Scribblenauts Unmasked comic that was beginning.  Others celebrate the anniversary of a character, like the Green Lantern line that is coming for September.  October’s option is actually a theme that happened last year and brings us into a horror direction for Halloween.

Here is the complete list and image gallery for all of the unique “Monster variant covers” from DC this October.  Each image will have the comic and number it appears on, the artist who did the variant cover, and below the image gallery will be a checklist you can use to collect them all!

Monster Variant Cover Checklist:

  • Action Comics #45 by Dave Johnson
  • Aquaman #45 by Michael Golden
  • Batman #45 by Andy Kubert
  • Batman Beyond #5 by Dan Panosian w/ colors by Brad Anderson
  • Batman/Superman #25 by Michael Oeming
  • Black Canary #5 by Michael Allred w/ colors by Laura Allred
  • Catwoman #45 by Robbi Rodriguez
  • Cyborg #4 by Mikal Janin
  • Deathstroke #11 by EM Gist
  • Detective Comics #45 by Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Flash #45 by Gustavo Duarte
  • Grayson #13 by Jenny Frison
  • Green Arrow #45 by Kelley Jones w/ colors by Dave McCaig
  • Green Lantern #45 by Neal Adams w/ colors by Alex Sinclair
  • Harley Quinn #21 by Ryan Sook
  • Justice League #45 by Szymon Kudranski
  • JLA #5 by Whilce Portacio w/ colors by Alex Sinclair
  • Robin: Son of Batman #5 by Ty Templeton
  • Sinestro #16 by Karl Kerschl
  • Starfire #5 by Guillem March
  • New Suicide Squad #13 by Cary Nord
  • Superman #45 by Cully Hamner
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #22 by JP Leon
  • Teen Titans #13 by Aaron Lopresti
  • Wonder Woman #45 by Claire Wendling

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