Mad Max Furiosa Gets 2nd Printing Despite Movie Controversy

Mad Max Fury Road is one of the most acclaimed films of the year, mixing a feverish vision of post-industrial masculanist tribalism confronted with revolutionary feminism.  This has made the internet’s den of MRA reactionary trolls denounce it as a feminization of “male myths.”  On the other hand, its involvement by the Vagina Monologues Eve Ensler drew critiques about how radical and inclusive that feminism truly is.  This has made it one of the most popular topics for massive blogrolls and Facebook arguments, which may have played into its success at Vertigo.

Vertigo’s one-shot, which is a part of a series of one-shots, deluxe art compendiums, and a two-issue miniseries, is getting a second printing.  Mad Max Furiosa has sold out and is going into its second printing, something which is not incredibly common for Vertigo period.  This will likely mean a new cover and a sign that Vertigo will be sticking with licensed properties.  This has been criticized recently that Vertigo is undermining its creator-owned brand identity by bringing in film adaptations, but the Mad Max books have really stood on their own as substantial creative works.

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