Complete ‘Crossed’ Reading Order, From Avatar and Garth Ennis

Crossed has been one of the more underrated series out today, mainly because of its far beyond over-the-top take on zombie-like post-apocaplptic violence. Similar to a zombie tale, there is a virus that instead turns the victims into brutal sadistic killers, with a special eye towards undermining sacred institutions in disgusting ways. It started with a twelve-issue run from Garth Ennis, who has written several, but has also employed “mature readers” heavy weights like Alan Moore, David Lapham, and Christos Gage. The stories themselves tend to be somewhat unrelated, though playing along a collective timeline and in a general world and continuity. They play out as morality tales, people pushed to make choices in the most extreme possible situations, and a world of nihilistic survival.

A lot of the series have different names, and have different periods in time and are complicated as to what you should read first or what ties in together. So we have tried our best to recreate the reading order with proper names and numbers so people can figure out what the single issues are in relation to the trade collections.

Crossed, Vol. 1
Crossed #1-12 (Original Miniseries, Garth Ennis)

Crossed Vol. 2 (Family Values)
Crossed: Family Values #1-7

Crossed 3D (One-Shot/Graphic Novel)

Crossed Vol. 3 (Psychopath)
Crossed: Psychopath #1-7

Cross Badlands
These are all independent arcs, though it runs on a universal numbering system. So it can be confusing for those collecting the issues to know where arcs begin and end. This is made even more confusing because many arcs are included in each trade. So we are including the trade number, then the issue numbers of the arcs.

Crossed Vol. 4 (Badlands Vol. 1)
Crossed: Badlands #1-3, #4-9

Crossed Vol. 5 (Badlands Vol. 2)
Crossed: Badlands #10-13, #13-18 (#13 has main character from Crossed: Psychopath returns)

Crossed Vol. 6 (Badlands Vol. 3)
Crossed: Badlands #19-20, #21-24, #25-28

Crossed Vol. 7 (Badlands Vol. 4)
Crossed: Badlands #29-32, #33-36

Crossed Vol. 8 (Badlands Vol. 4)
Crossed: Badlands #37-39, #40-43, CCrossed Annual 2013 #1

Crossed Vol. 9 (Badlands Vol. 5)
Crossed: Badlands #44-49

Crossed Vol. 10 (Badlands Vol. 6)
Crossed: Badlands #50-56

Crossed Vol. 11 (Badlands Vol. 7)
Crossed: Badlands #57-61, Crossed Annual 2014

Crossed Vol. 12 (Badlands Vol. 8)
Crossed: Badlands #62-70

Crossed Vol. 13 (Badlands Vol. 9)
Crossed: Badlands #71-74

Crossed +100 Volume 1 TP
Crossed +100 #1-6 (This is 100 years after the regular Badlands period, written by Alan Moore)

Crossed: Wish You Were Here
Originally a web comic then put into collected format. One solid story, can be read as an independent Badlands arc.)

Crossed: Wish You Were Here Volume 1 TP

Crossed: Wish You Were Here Volume 2 TP

Crossed: Wish You Were Here Volume 3 TP

Crossed: Wish You Were Here Volume 4 TP

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