Valiant’s ‘Book of Death’ #1 Variant Covers [IMAGE GALLERY]

Valiant is one of the more unique comic book companies that has ever existed.  They have decided, unlike other indie comic companies, to focus on superheroes and an internal continuity.  They have their own universe and a great deal of intersecting characters and storylines, which are only read by a small core of hardcore followers.  They take on an epic and mythological tone, almost religious in character, and this is seen perfectly in their brand new Book of Death miniseries.  This has four issues, as well as four additional tie-in issues each focusing on a different Valiant character.  Their first issue is conventional only in that is had a great number of variant covers released, though they are generally incredible and really help to support its epic and dark tone.

Here we have collected all of the Book of Death #1 variant covers in an image gallery, and below each image will have its name and the creator who made it.  There are still a number of exclusive variant covers missing from the images available, so they will be added on later updates to this article.

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