Leaked Captain America: Civil War Trailer Removed, We Found New Copy

So, as our loyal readers will notice, the new Captain America: Civil War trailer that we were sharing widely has disappeared.  Literally blocked on YouTube, dropped from the article it was on.  This happened incredibly quickly, pulling it from news websites all over the place where it was quickly hitting to the top of YouTube.

The video in question was a “cam footage” of the secret Captain America: Civil War trailer that was show at D3, the Disney convention that just happened in Anaheim.  The trailer for the next Marvel Cinematic Universe project was shown to a crowd of whooping fans and showed the conflict that will tear the Avengers apart.  Many people claimed that this footage was doctored and did not include the scenes that were reported, but it was pretty clear that it was authentic and included what we are about to see publicly.

The video has been removed, but we have a newly uploaded copy, so watch away and share while it is still up there!

There are 3 comments

  1. The Truth

    This trailer is fake you morons. If you did a little bit of research instead of being so trigger happy you’d come to find that the imbecile who made this thing is looking for clicks (apparently like yourself). You should pull this story since nothing is here. And forget about finding it on YouTube. Their algorithms are blocking the upload immediately so no one is getting it up there. Again… it’s called research.


      1. The Truth

        Apparently you’re the one wasting your time for responding to my comment which needed no response. And yet you kept the clickbait article up here! And for the record, real (Professional) writers don’t respond to comments (especially insulting their readers, whether said reader was insulting to you or not).


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