Captain America: Civil War Secret Early Trailer Leaked [VIDEO]

So the next serious Marvel Cinematic Universe film to be released is Captain America: Civil War, coming out in 2016.  This is based on the epic crossover event that happened several years ago where by a superhero registration bill comes up and Iron Man and Captain America each support opposing movements, respectively.  Iron Man believes that the state should know who has what powers, and Captain America leads the civil libertarians against the tyrannical police state.

This is the third Captain America film, a follow up to the wonderful Winter Soldier.  The first complete real trailer for Captain America: Civil War was shown just the other day at the Disney Expo in Anaheim.  This was, of course, meant to be secret.  And, of course, someone filmed it in the theater and now we have the leaked pirate video of it!

Forgive the poor quality, it is a “cam in theater” recording, but here it is!

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