DC Comics is Now Preferred by More Female Readers Than Male

The effort for DCYou, and even the New 52, to appeal more towards female audiences who have traditionally been ignored is now starting to really see the fruits of their labor.  Comics like Batgirl, Gotham Academy, Wonder Woman, and others have really tried to bring in a female audience into the DC universe, while previous attempts through imprints like Vertigo have been for creator-owned work instead.  Now, according to Graphic Policy, who looks directly at the hard sales and marketing numbers from DC and Marvel comics, is seeing how strong the female purchasing contingent is.

Writing about the demographics of recent DC fandom:

Like in July, today DC Comics’ “likes” still stands at 12 million individuals in the United States, no change there. The composition of that 12 million has though. 3.4 million of those are women, an increase of 100,0001.3 million of those are African-American, an increase of 100,000Hispanics now stand at 2.8 million, that’s an increase of 400,000. All of those demographic sets have increased in the month and a half since last measured. There’s also other interesting data.

Those age 17 and under currently are 930,000 individuals, that’s a decrease of 270,000. But, out of that 930,000, women 17 and under are now 490,000. That’s right, women 17 and under are a MAJORITY of that age range segment.

This is a major surprise to people who have noticed that comics have traditionally been a male stronghold without a great deal of gender crossover.  There has also been a major problem with racial diversity, an issue pointed out very glaringly with Marvel’s recent hip-hop variant covers.

In comparison, Marvel seems much more dude-centric:

During that same time period, Marvel’s “likes” decrease from 22 million to 18 million. The number of women who like their brand decreased to 3.5 million, a loss of 900,000. African-Americans now stand at 2.1 million, a decrease of 400,000. Hispanics now make up 3.9 million of the likes, down 200,000. Those 17 and under account for 990,000 individuals. That’s a decrease of 410,000. Men are the majority of them with 580,000.

Marvel comics is still a bit of a leader here, especially with the success of Secret Wars and the coming giant list of #1s, but we can see that DC comics may be presenting an option for the future.

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