Screenwriters Strip The Hulk From ‘Captain America: Civil War’

The long-awaited Captain America: Civil War film is the next from Marvel Studios, bringing in the clash between the Captain and Iron Man over the superpower registration with the State.  The film follows the massive Civil War crossover to a degree, which brought almost all of the Marvel universe into the conflict, with superhero taking different sides in the argument.  One character that will no longer be choosing amongst his peers is The Hulk.

In a recent interview at the Venice Film Festival, Mark Ruffalo mentioned that his character, The Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was once in the film’s script, but has since been taken out entirely.

“Because it’s still missing is not known where. I thought that I would be in the film, but in the end evidently believe that reveal what happened Hulk is something too big, and Marvel wants to use this information later. My character had been inserted in the script, but then it was taken away.  Who knows, maybe Hulk will never return. However, they want to keep the revelation of what happened a secret, because it is something really big.”

It has been mentioned that The Hulk is not even on Earth, but we do not have confirmations on this yet.  This may simply be an attempt to simplify the film a bit, which is likely to have a lot of stray characters and a substantial run-time.  The Hulk has been the least popular main character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so this may simply be a way of phasing him out.  This is strange, however, because Ruffalo has a five picture deal in place right now and has a full three films left.  So perhaps this is just a way of getting him away from the crowd so they can do something unique for the next solo Incredible Hulk project.

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