Marvel Teases Sequel to “Civil War” Event

When will Steve Rogers and Tony Stark just learn to get along?

Civil War stands out as one of the most elaborate and involved Marvel crossover events in recent years, which drew the entire Marvel universe together into an ultimate battle.  Responding to a federal move to register those with superpowers, Tony Stark sides with the State as Captain America leads those who want to shake off the oppressive powers.  This storyline split the characters in half and pitted them against one another, at some points just as an excuse to see superheros punch each other in New York.

Now with this revolution coming to the big screen with Captain America: Civil War, this story is coming back into public consciousness.  This is likely to stay as the Civil War film adaptation is going to be split over two volumes, so it will not fade among the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

Now Marvel seems to be alluding to the fact that a ‘Civil War 2’ is on its way.  In a postcard sent to comic retailers, the image of Iron Man grabbing Captain America with a big “2” Roman numeral is behind them.  It doesn’t get much more blatant than that.

All of this makes perfect sense in terms of cross promotion, not to mention that it is an opportunity to somewhat exclude the X-Men and Fantastic Four to the larger mythology.  This is a clear allusion, and one that is likely going to become more visible as we get a full picture of the All-New, All Different Marvel.

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