Batman Vol. 8 Reading Order (2015)

In the post-New 52 world, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman is the center of the Gotham universe.  This comic defines the character that the rest of the bat-books center around, and its writing and art is at the top of the Batman history.  With this in mind, this most recent storyline, which is the first in the post-Convergence DC Universe, takes a queue from the Grant Morrison stories of the early 2000s.  After Bruce Wayne’s seeming death at the end of Endgame, it was questionable how the character would continue.  That was until Jim Gordon got the reigns of the bat signal.

Now that Jim Gordon has taken on the bat-suit, a new storyline is at play.  In an effort to get a correct reading order, we have to define our terms.  To do this we are going to group up the batman-centered titles into a reading order, with each line playing separately. This is because you could read them separately, somewhat, but they all play on the same issue: that Jim Gordon is now Batman.  If you are sticking only with the central Batman title, this is totally fine because this storyline is not an explicit crossover event.  We have added some issues of Detective Comics that will build on the main Batman storyline, but these are optional and you can add more issues from this series as well.

Reading Order

1. FCBD 2015 – DC Comics: Divergence (2015) #1

2. Batman #41


4. Batman #42

5. Detective Comics #42

6. Batman #43

7. Detective Comics #43

8. Batman #44

9. Batman Annual #4

10. Batman & Robin Eternal #1

11. Batman & Robin Eternal #2

12. Batman #45

13. Batman #46

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