Marvel Announces ’92 Nostalgic Variant Covers, Six Cover Images Released So Far [Image Gallery]

Building on what is now a retro period in Marvel history, Marvel is bringing us a set of collectable variant covers inspired by the 1992 period.  You may remember this, with the class Chris Claremont X-Men, the different Marvel Animated Series, and the Rob Liefeld biceps.  This was brought back into popular consciousness with X-Men ’92, the Secret Wars tie-in that reminds us of that classic period.  Now the relaunch titles are all getting this treatment, ranging from #1s through 3rd issues, and will be coming after the hip-hop variant covers and the cosplay variant covers are already released.

The issues will be coming out late(probably December, though this hasn’t been made official) in 2015, and Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel said in the press release:

“Witnessing that memorable era of comics brought to life again got us thinking about all the fun incarnations of Marvel’s most popular characters. Before we knew it we had a huge list of 1990s characters ready to make their 2015 debut!”

Right now there are only six of these 26 total cover images actually released.  We are putting those six in an image gallery below with the issue name, number, and the artists who did the work.  Above  that we are putting the complete list of Marvel ’92 variant covers, each with the artists who drew this retro throwback.  When the rest of the images are released, we will update this.

  1. All-New Wolverine #3 by Tom Raney
  2. Carnage #3 by Mike Deodato
  3. Drax #2 by Ron Lim
  4. Spider-Man 2099 #4 by Pasqual Ferry
  5. Mighty Thor #2 by Ron Frenz
  6. Totally Awesome Hulk #1 by Dale Keown.
  7. All-New X-Men #3 by Rob Liefeld
  8. A-Force #1 by J. Scott Campbell
  9. Black Knight #2 by Steve Epting
  10. Daredevil #1 by Larry Stroman
  11. Deadpool #3 by Rob Liefeld
  12. Doctor Strange #3by Mark Texeira
  13. Guardians of the Galaxy #3 by Larry Stroman
  14. Guardians of Infinity #1 by Ron Lim
  15. Hercules #2 by Mark Texeira
  16. Ms. Marvel #2 by J. Scott Campbell
  17. New Avengers #4 by Tom Raney
  18. Nova #2 by Pasqual Ferry
  19. Scarlet Witch #1 by artist to be announced
  20. Silk #2 by artist to be announced
  21. Uncanny Avengers #3 by Whilce Portacio
  22. Uncanny Inhumans #3 by Whilce Portacio
  23. Web Warriors #2by Mark Bagley
  24. Vision #2 by Dale Keown.

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