‘Red Wolf,’ Marvel’s First Native American Superhero, Getting Own Series

Marvel’s commitment to diversity has been called into question quite a bit lately after their lack-there-of was made abundantly clear with their Hip-Hop variant covers and the decision to bring Hercules back to straight-town.  While making major strides in recent years, they have done less than they should to bring it back from its purely white era.  Today, the Marvel Universe is still the place where white Gods and Goddesses, mostly straight and CIS-gendered, battle while destroying parts of New York that they wouldn’t be caught dead in.

In an effort to counter this perception, Marvel has been scrambling, and from that guilty late-response we are seeing a sliver lining: Red Wolf is getting his own series.

For those who don’t know, Red Wolf is Marvel’s first “first generation” superhero, where his Native American heritage is an intimate part of his characterization.  Released originally over forty-years ago, he is now a part of the major Secret Wars event that has been reshaping the Marvel Universe.

We have not been given much about this new Red Wolf series at this point, except for the teaser art and the fact that it won’t come out with the regular stream in the fourth quarter of this year.  It would make sense then to see it in the early months of 2016.

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