Seth Rogen Confirms That “Preacher” Has Been Purchased by AMC for 2016 Season

We have been getting tidbits of information about the ‘Preacher’ television adaptation for months now.  Seth Rogan and writing partner Evan Goldberg have been preparing the pilot, and we have jumped at every new piece of news about casting and locations.  Now that we know the pilot is in the can, Rogen has finally confirmed what we had always hoped would happen: AMC is cutting the checks and it is joining their line-up.

This means that we can expect to see the first season of Preacher coming in the fall 2016 season, and from the look of the test poster that Rogen tweeted out on September 9th, it is going to be pretty close to the tone of the comic.  Sam Caitlin from Break Bad will be serving as the show runner for Preacher in the upcoming season, and from what we can tell it is going to follow in the tradition of that show as well as The Walking Dead.  People should remember that before it made its way to the recent production and deal with AMC, HBO owned the property and eventually gave up the rights to it because they found the material just too dark to actually produce.

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