“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Netflix Show Trailer

For those who saw what Marvel Studios could do with a Netflix show with Daredevil, the next projects that are intending to intersect with that have a buzz of their own.  What we are getting next is Marvel’s Jessica Jones, based on the superhero-turned-private-investigator from Brian Michael Bendis’ great Alias series on Marvel MAX.  The show itself will probably be more middle ground in terms of content, but we can expect a certain amount of quality like we have gotten from everything at Marvel Studios.

Now we have our first full trailer to begin giving us a sense of what this show is and what we have to be looking forward to.  The only problem here is the obvious: there is no actual footage from the show!  This is an attempt by Netflix and Marvel Studios to ramp up the excitement while literally giving nothing away, which is a tad disappointing.

But, alas, here is the first trailer for Jessica Jones.

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