“Gwenpool,” the Deadpool/Gwen Stacy Character Gets Her Own Book

Marvel is mashing things up a little bit, especially with their popular characters of the last year.  Gwen Stacy returned to Marvel Comics with the Spider-Verse event, leading eventually to her own book Spider-Gwen where she is a different dimension’s Spider-Woman.  Deadpool has also been incredibly possibly the last couple years, especially with Brian Posehn’s run and the upcoming 20th Century Fox Deadpool film.  Now the smashing of the two characters first appeared in the Deadpool’s Super Secret Secret Wars #2, which was fun for the alterna-dimensional event.

Now “Gwenpool,” as she’s called, is coming back.  First, she is going to be the back-up story character in three issues of Howard the Duck after its return first issue.  Then in December she will get a one-shot comic where Gwenpool shows at She-Hulk’s holiday party.  What fun.

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