DC Comics Canceling 8 Ongoing Series Later This Year

Yeah, some of the DCYou new titles didn’t exactly land.

DC has been on the heels of Marvel lately, and has desperately been trying to close the gap.  They know that the massive Marvel relaunch in the final quarter this year is about to completely eclipse their sales, and so they had a post-Convergence launch of a ton of #1s to attract new and sustained readership.

Except it didn’t.

Much of this came from the fact that the comics that were released were incredibly specific and not including main characters necessarily.  Now, this is still a great option for diversification and creating a broad readership, but you cannot expect it to have sustained high numbers.  Now we are seeing DC respond by canceling two titles in November, and six titles in December.

Both Doomed and Green Lantern: Lost Army will be canceled in November.  Now DC is saying that Lost Army was always a miniseries, but there is really nothing to indicate that before now.  Both will end up with a total of six issues.

In December we are seeing the end of the low-selling Justice League United with #17, which is not surprising since writer Jeff Lemire is almost entirely moving over to Marvel for the relaunch.  The new and interesting Omega Men will end at #7, the horror-inspired Gotham by Midnight will end at #12, and Lobo at #13.  More strangely, both Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, the non-continuity Wonder Woman anthology series, and Batman ’66, inspired by the classic Adam West television series, will end.  These were both digital first series that did not need to sustain a huge readership to stay relevant, and both have been very popular amongst their niche.

What is nice to see, however, is that DC is not shying away from other niche sellers like the new Martian Manhunter series, Gotham Academy, and the maxi series Prez.  Hopefully this doesn’t eliminate DC’s willingness to take risks lately, since some of these canceled series were real gems.

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