The 12 Biggest Changes Coming to Marvel After Secret Wars

I know, this has been confusing.

So the regular Marvel Universe, which was labeled by Alan Moore once upon a time to be Earth-616 universe, is over.  All of the fragmented universes became a patchwork planet under Doom’s godpersonhood for the events of Secret Wars, but as this event starts to fade, what are we expecting to happen?  Next month, October 2015, is the beginning of the long releases of the several dozen new Marvel books, relaunches of older books and new series both.  This means that it will be the start of the “All-New, All Different Marvel” universe.  Wow.

So what kind of changes are we going to see here?  We tried to compile the biggest ones that we know about and list them here right for you in numbered points so that you don’t have to keep looking around.

  1. All the events of Secret Wars are over and not relevant.  The memory of the events do not come over perfectly, though there may be some tangential residue..
  2. A few series from Secret Wars will continue through, such as Old Man Logan, A-Force, and 1872.
  3. These books are set 8 months after the end of Secret Wars.
  4. Iron Man has a new set of Armor, and is dating Mary Jane of Spider-Man’s obsession.
  5. x-23 is the new Wolverine, taking over for the dead Logan.
  6. Hellcat, also known as Patsy Walker, gets her own series.  And it will be a laugh a minute.
  7. Miles Morales is the only significant character to be maintained in the new Marvel Universe from the Ultimate Universe.
  8. Spider-Gwen is set in Earth-65, her own alternative universe.
  9. 45 new comics will be coming out in the next two months, another 15 will come after that.
  10. There is no more Fantastic Four comics.
  11. -Iron Man will be the first of these comics to be released, and may end up being the central character of the new universe.
  12. -Many of your favorite writers will NOT change on these books.  Such as with Ms. Marvel, All-New Hawkeye, and Howard the Duck.  On the other hand, most writers will change as your more traditional characters and teams are getting a huge revamp.

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