Marvel Releases Free ‘Jessica Jones’ Digital Comic in Anticipation of Netflix Series

For those of the comic world, Jessica Jones is the superhero-turned-private-investigator from the acclaimed MAX series Alias.  Following the more gritty turn of the Netflix Daredevil show, Jessica Jones is the second show that is coming as part of the release calendar for Netflix Marvle Studios series’.  Now that we are getting close to its eventual release online, Marvel has decided to release some interesting promotional material in the form of a digital comic that is available on the Marvel and Comixology comic reading apps.

The issue, which is also written by Brian Michael Bendis who wrote the original Alias series, is a short twelve-pages.  Drawn by acclaimed artist Michael Gaydos, the issue is perfect for those who are not familiar with the character or for those who are just getting into the Marvel comics universe after enjoying the Marvel Studios films and television series.

The Jessica Jones television show will have its first season released in its entirety on November 20th 2015, and will be a direct crossover to the Daredevil series that people were recently obsessed with.

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