Vertigo is First Comic Publisher to Join Wattpad Social Network

Jamie S. Rich is doing some interesting things over at Vertigo.

For quite a while, we were waiting as the number of Vertigo titles dwindled as we saw Hinterkind, Dead Boy Detectives, Federal Bureau of Physics, Fables, and Fairest all end.  Then he ramped up the end of 2015 with twelve new series in the final quarter.  Now Vertigo is trying to re-enter the cutting edge of comics by trying some new ways of connecting fans with creators.

The new Wattpad social media site and app is designed to do exactly that.  He it allows for fans and fan writers to share their own work on a larger network, but allow it to be a platform to be shared by those who are working ‘professional’ writers, those who are on their way, and those that are just having fun.  In the same way that a funny mom in Brooklyn has the ability to have as many Twitter followers as Kanye West(maybe), an unknown writer can have their series read just as much as a bestselling author.

Vertigo has had Survivors’ Club writers Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen go ahead and get on the site, and soon Gail Simone will be doing the same thing.  This may mark a new way for fans to just keep up with creators, but it also could show a new way for comic writers to break into the industry.  We will have to wait and see how much back and forth there is between fans and Vertigo on Wattpad.

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