Vertigo Executive Editor Shelly Bond Speaks About Fables Ending [VIDEO]

Fables is the last of the great Vertigo series, in a sense.

The series lasted 150 issues, included a number of spin-offs, tie-ins, graphic novels, and miniseries, and is one of the major ‘crossover’ series that has made Vertigo the brand for both comic regulars and newbies.  The series held strong on Vertigo as they switched almost entirely to a creator-owned format that included many shorter series and miniseries.

Now that Fables has come to an end, and the Fables: The Wolf Among Us miniseries is almost closed, many are reflecting on Fables as Vertigo heads into a new chapter with twelve new series in the next three months.  The Executive Editor of Vertigo, Shelly Bond, is interviewed here for Comic Book Resources and goes in deep with what Fables has meant to Vertigo and the rest of the comic book world.

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