Moon Knight is Coming to Netflix

Marvel Studios has been thoroughly saturating Netflix with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first with the successfully mature-oriented Daredevil and next with the equally-adult Jessica Jones.  We know that there are going to be two other primary Marvel characters to that list, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, so they can bring them back into the team the Defenders.  Recent reports, however, show that Marvel Studios is not done there as they intend to bring the darker hero Moon Knight to the platform.

This anti-hero was first suggested in an article from Heroic Hollywood, mentioning that Moon Knight may get what they are calling the “back door treatment.”  This means that, like The Punisher in Daredevil Season 2, Moon Knight may be a secondary or adversarial character in another Netflix series, at least at first.  It may be then that they are going to see how well the character is recieved and head in the direction of a solo television series or Netflix-exclusive movie.

The Moon Knight character was essentially reinvigorated in recent years with the most recent series premiered by Warren Ellis, then taken over by Brian Wood and later Cullun Bunn.  This took a much more stylized take with an interesting art style, low text, and highlighting the mysterious crime aspects of the character.

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