Complete Robin War Reading Order


Robin is taking on a special new focus in the most recent launch of new DC titles. Between We Are Robin and Robin: Son of Batman, he is getting two very original takes, and the first major cross-over event including the new titles is also a “Robin centered” affair.

The coming Robin War event is going to be relatively small by event standards, but spans so many of the more niche books.  The primary issues will be in the two-issue miniseries Robin Wars, as well as issues of Grayson, Detective Comics, We Are Robin, and Robin: Son of Batman.  Teen Titans, Gotham Academy, and Red Hood/Arsenal will all have relevant tie-in issues, but they are not essential for the event.

Now that we have enough information to go on, we are announcing the complete Robin War reading order so you can check it out ahead of ordering.

  1. Robin War #1
  2. Grayson #15
  3. Detective Comics #47
  4. We Are Robin #7
  5. Red Hood/Arsenal #7 (Tie In)
  6. Robin: Son of Batman #7
  7. Gotham Academy #13 (Tie-in)
  8. Teen Titans #15 (Tie-in)
  9. Robin War #2

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