DC Comics Superhero Christmas Sweaters for 2015 [IMAGE GALLERY]


Just as the Yule times of past, we are getting the family together in our seasonal best for a picture that will hang over the hearth for a generation.  Don you now our gay apparel really does mean pulling out that sweater and keeping things fresh.  Now, why your siblings will be forcing on ill fitting, scratchy wool with penguins and Santa embalzoned on the front, you are going to be representing the Man of Steel!

That’s right, throw your ugly Christmas sweater and replace it with some aptly designed versions from the DC Comics line-up!  DC Comics has announced that they are releasing “Christmas sweaters” with DC Comics character logos built into the traditional holiday patterns.  Since the Christmas shopping season now starts a couple hours after you go Trick or Treating, you might want to pick these up as soon as Diamond gets them to your retailer so they don’t sell out before you get them into your greedy paws!

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