Vertigo Issues “Sandman: Overture” Sweepstakes


Now that the epic Sandman prequel, Sandman: Overture, has come to a close, many people only got just enough to freshen their Sandman appetite.  Beyond the trade hardcover collection, there is not much new coming from the Sandman world until Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece is brought to the silver screen.  It seems that Vertigo is prepping for exactly that by keeping Sandman on readers minds with a brand new sweepstakes that is offering quite a prize.

The Grand Prize of the Sandman: Overture sweepstakes is the Sandman chess set, a beautifully rendered set of piece sculptures all taken from the rich Sandman universe.  The set itself runs for an incredible $485, which is because of the heavy quality and crafstmanship of it, so this is a major give away.  Beyond just the main prize, there is also going to be giveaways for other contestants of a Sandman statue, the The Sandman: Overture Deluxe Edition, and the Sandman: Overture collectible poster.  There is no purchase necessary, as they say, all you have to do is enter the contest to be one of the possible chosen.

Click here to enter the contest, all it requires is your name and email!

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