Green Lantern Corps is Coming to the DC Cinematic Universe


The rumor mill is going overtime right now, first revealing that the Cyborg movie set to be released in 2020 will likely be replaced by Teen Titans.  Now we are learning that Green Lantern Corps may be added to the development slate for Warner Bros. and the DC Cinematic Universe.

JoBlo has revealed that the movie is intending to stray from simply being a regular Green Lantern focused story in that it will focus on a sort of two person team.  The film will then have the feel of a sort of ‘Lethal Weapon’ type buddy comedy, which will lighten up some of the more serious DCU storylines.  This could be DC’s chance to try and catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, but with the titles five years away from theaters a lot can happen in the meantime.

At the same time, DC is rumoring revealing a gay superhero for their DCU movie line, and it could very well coincide with the release of Green Lantern Corps.  This could be a great addition to the line-up that is proving to possibly be more diverse and epic than the MCU at this point.

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