Harley Quinn Original Sketch Covers Actually Do Exist


While DC Comics continues to deny, reports have been coming in that there are in fact original art covers available for the new Harley Quinn book.  Bleeding Cool followed up on this and found that people were in fact discovering original art on covers and sending them in.  Some select bagged variant covers of Harley Quinn: Little Black Book #1 have original sketches from star artists on an otherwise “blank” cover.  If you are purchasing a black  bagged copy of one of these Harley books you may end up with a sketch, though it is very unlikely.

Even though these sketch variant covers are showing up all over Twitter and other social media, DC Comics continues to deny their existence.  In this case, we kind of like DC’s act because it adds a little to the fun of it all.

Beyond just Harley Quinn: Little Black Book #1, it is being suggested that you could end up with a sketch with any of the following books.  You will, of course, have to be getting the bagged variant edition to occur.


  • 12/2: GREEN LANTERN #47
  • 12/9: BATMAN #47
  • 12/9: GREEN ARROW #47
  • 12/16: JUSTICE LEAGUE #47
  • 12/16: HARLEY QUINN #23
  • 12/23: SUPERMAN #47
  • 12/30: THE FLASH #47
  • 12/30: WONDER WOMAN #47


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