Hawaiin Dick Brought to NBC by Johnny Knoxville

Your favorite(or least favorite) Jackass has moved his way to producer like so many actors do.  This time he is mining the Image Comics recesses to bring a new show into development for NBC primetime television.  He has chosen to adapt Hawaiin Dick, an Image miniseries from B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin.  The miniseries, which got three Eisner nominations when it was first released, is a sort of “Hawaii Five-O” type story that follows a former cop in “exile” in the tropics.

Knoxville is not only a name-only producer on the project, but is producing it so that he can eventually star in it.  The project actually feels tailor made for Knoxville, who, besides his propensity for hurting himself, is known for having a sort of “fun buddy” presence in his movies.  With a comedy-action comic like this, there could be a lot available for him to work with, though the show is likely going to have to stray from the original miniseries quite a bit since they are shifting to an ongoing television show.

The big question is whether NBC can really handle a property like this.  Constantine was a failure partially because of its network television attachment, which limits its content and, often, its quality.  Hawaii Dicks may be less challenging in terms of material, but it is still questionable if networks can handle anything other than light superhero fare like Arrow and The Flash.

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