Batman and Superman Are Returning to Normal With Issue #50


For those who were following the Superman “Truth” storyline that took place across several Superman titles, as well as the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo Batman book, have noticed that the last many issues have had your favorite characters doing something a little different.  Superman has found new power, sort of a body-based hydrogen bomb, that strips his powers to their bare minimum.  Along with having his secret identity, Clark Kent revealed, he has basically left Metropolis to fight in a ring somewhere.  Back in Gotham, Batman had his memory wiped after Endgame and James Gordon had to take on the role of Batman, using a high-powered techno-suit.

Changes like this are part and parcel for how characters in superverses develop, but both of these storylines have gone on for quite some time.  Now we have been notified that both books will bring their characters back to normal, with Superman getting back in the cape and Bruce Wayne returning to the bat-cave, in issue #50 of each book.  This makes sense for the arc-schedule of each book, with issue #50 looking like it would be the end of a numeric storyline, also known as the end of the trade collection.  It should also be noted that the publisher likely wants its two flagship characters to be back in full recognizable form by the time Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters.

We are personally happy to see changes happen to these major characters, we certainly prefer to see inspired creative choices over just seeing “our batman, our superman” for years and years.  That being said, both of these storylines had a short shelf live and we feel pretty done with the direction of both.  We would love to see Superman go into a more interesting direction utilizing some of the mythological themes that make the character great, as well as to see Batman head back in some of the directions that made Court of Owls and Death of the Family so wonderful.

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