Marvel Confirms “GwenPool” Ongoing Series


Many people have just had some fun with the recent Gwenpool Special #1, the one-shot Christmas edition book.  The character of Gwenpool is essentially Gwen Stacy, brought back to Marvel books in Spider-Gwen, and the infamous Deadpool, which seems to be only increasing in popularity in anticipation of the movie coming from Fox this summer.  Now Marvel is announcing that Gwenpool is going to be getting her own ongoing comic, news which surprised most fans.

The Unbelievable Gwenpool will be written by Christopher Hastings and drawn by the artistic team of Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano, often known as Guruhiru.  This is the same team that first brought us the Gwenpool concept as back-up stories during Chip Zdarsky’s Howard the Duck.  The character was really invented as part of the Gwen variant covers, where this sort of character combination was used as a variant cover for Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2.

Christopher Hastings understands very well the strange appeal of such a bizarre character, and why it has a chance at being successful.  He discussed this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Her whole deal is, she’s from the world that she claims to be — some sort of ‘real world’ — and knows of the Marvel universe as a fictional one. So the series is a lot about her believing she’s in a fictional world with no consequences. She’s seen everyone come back to life at some point, and it sort of seems like she’s living in a video game. And then the book is going to be the universe fighting back at that. Like, ‘you can’t really get away with everything’ is kind of the struggle there. It’s also sort of, she just assumes, ‘I’m obviously a main character so I need to be a superhero’ even though she has no powers. I really like all of these comics right now about these teen heroes sort of figuring out what they’re doing in this world. But they come at it from a much more altruistic viewpoint, and I think it’s really fun to have somebody take on the mercenary angle and sort of like, contrast her against someone like Kamala Khan, as we did in the holiday special.


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