Complete Superman ‘Doomed’ Reading Order

Part of what gave us the impetus to begin Vertigology was in the need to collect reading orders for complex series and crossovers.  This is part of our love/hate relationship with comic book continuities, where it is often difficult to figure out exactly what comics you need for a particular storyline and what order they should be read.

Keeping with this, we went after one of our favorite contemporary Superman comics: Doomed!  Here we built on the great reading order put together by How to Love Comics, and put it in an easy to use format so you see what comes when.

We like to keep these reading orders living charts, so if you have read Superman Doomed and think there should be a bit of a switch up from the chronological release order, then let us know!


  1. Action Comics #30
  2. Superman/Wonder Woman #7
  3. Superman #30
  4. Superman Doomed #1
  5. Action Comics #31
  6. Superman/Wonder Woman #8
  7. Batman/Superman #11
  8. Superman #31
  9. Action Comics #32
  10. Superman/Wonder Woman #9
  11. Action Comics #33
  12. Superman/Wonder Woman #10
  13. Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1
  14. Action Comics Annual #3
  15. Action Comics #34
  16. Superman/Wonder Woman #11
  17. Supergirl #34
  18. Superman: Doomed #2
  19. Action Comics #35
  20. Superman/Wonder Woman #12
  21. Supergirl #35

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