Vertigo Comics Begins New Podcast “The Vertigo Lounge”


We have been waiting for this podcast since we began this website in 2014.  Vertigo Comics now has its own podcast, set for monthly release and titled “The Vertigo Lounge.”  As of the first episode, the editors, Jamie S. Rich and Ellie Pyle, focus in on Lucifer as the television show and new comic book series had just premiered.

As their description for the first episode, “The Devil’s in the Details,” they are doing “all things the Devil.”

In Episode 1: The Devil’s in the Details, we’re joined by editors Jamie S. Rich and Ellie Pyle to talk about LUCIFER #1 and THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE. Mythologist John Bucher examines the history and culture of the Prince of Darkness from ancient Babylon to FOX TV’s new series, based on the classic Vertigo character. Ellie kind-of-drunk-dials best-selling author Holly Black to find out what drink Lucifer would offer her. And we hear from author David Baillie just how he got his new book, RED THORN, into the hands of a living legend without selling his soul to the devil.

We will be linking to The Vertigo Lounge every month so you can keep up on all things Vertigo!

Listen to The Vertigo Lounge #1: The Devil’s in the Details



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