Complete Reading Order for Female Thor

The newest female Thor storyline is one that has received a lot of press(and ridiculous sexist hate) in its short life.  For many people who want to jump in they have found it difficult to figure out what to read and when simply because of the Marvel relaunches and massive crossovers adding to its confusion.  In an effort to get readers up to date, we have worked out a complete reading female Thor reading order so that they can easily get into the newest run.

We have also included the pre-reading order as well since this is likely going to help readers get up to date with how this has actually happened in the Marvel universe.


Thor God of Thunder 1-25
(#25 is probably the most important one for this)


Original Sin Event

(Link takes you to the complete reading order, but the Original Sin books and the five-issue Thor and Loki miniseries are the most important ones.)

Female Thor Reading Order

Thor 1-8


Mighty Thor 1-3


Gwenpool 2

-Mighty Thor #4-5


All-New, All Different Avengers 1-6

-Mighty Thor #6-Present

-All-New, All Different Avengers #9-Current

Once you get to this point, just continue to go forward following both series.

There is one comment

  1. DrPS

    You have to include Unworthy Thor in this list as well. In fact, the question that started the series, “What was whispered into Odinson’s ear to make him unworthy?” which leads to a new Thor taking up the hammer, was answered in Unworthy Thor #5 and not in any of the Mighty Thor issues. Specifically, the order would be
    Mighty Thor #6 – #12
    Unworthy Thor #1
    Mighty Thor #13
    Unworthy Thor #2
    Mighty Thor #14
    Unworthy Thor #3
    Mighty Thor #15
    Unworthy Thor #4
    Mighty Thor #16 – #17
    Unworthy Thor #5
    Mighty Thor #18


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