First Production Photos of ‘Preacher’ TV Show Released Showing ‘Arseface’

Preacher may be our last great hope for a Vertigo inspired television series.  Brought to AMC from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, with Bill Pope as the Director of Photography and Breaking Bad’s Sam Caitlin as the show runner, Preacher is going to adapt the controversial Vertigo comic that defined the 90s.  We have watched recently as the cast has been locked, and shooting on the pilot has commenced.  Seth Rogen has been tweeting about this regularly, and recently released the first production still that we have of the show.  It shows the character Arseface, though admittedly not as up close and personal as many would like.




Want to get caught up on Preacher before the show begins? Pick it up below!

Preacher Book One

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