First ‘Preacher’ Trailer Airing During Upcoming “Walking Dead” Episode

If you have been salivating as hard as we have for anything Preacher related, then the idea of seeing a full on trailer is more than exciting.  Now we have something to look forward to.

The first trailer for the television adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic “Preacher” will be playing during the extra-long, 90-minute episode of Walking Dead that will air on November 1st.  This episode is meant to be a special one to lead into the holiday season.  Since this is akin to the “superbowl for alt-comic television,” this is the perfect time to air the first trailer.

Seeing as Preacher is still in production and not near to be finished with shooting, it is debatable what we are actually going to get in terms of a trailer.  It is likely that it will be a middle ground trailer, much like the first Star Wars Episode VII trailer, that will include a few clips with a lot of title cards and placeholders.  We have seen clean shots already, such as the image of Arseface, so it looks like there should be enough to give a hint of the feel and plot of the television show.

This may also be our first chance to get a sense of how close the television adaptation is to the comic book, which fans are hoping stays close in tone and storytelling.

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