Complete ‘Hinterking’ Reading Order


Like Coffin Hill, many great Vertigo books of recent years only ended up with a short ongoing run because of low sales.  This is not uncommon for Vertigo books that have a much more focused audience, rather than the massively broad readership of DC and Marvel superheroes.  Even though it is a pretty straight line on the Hinterkind reading order, we thought we would put it together so people can see how many issues there ended up being, how long each arc is, and how it translates to collected editions.

There are three primary story arcs that make up the Hinterkind reading order, and we organize the issues behind them:

Hinterkind Vol. 1: The Waking World

  • Issues #1-6

Hinterkind Vol. 2: Written in Blood

  • Issues #7-12

Hinterkind Vol. 3 Hot Zone

  • Issues #13-18

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