Fight for Comics Releases Their Final Podcast Episode [PODCAST]


Its a sad day for our fanboyism.

As many of you know, we follow comic book podcasts religiously, and they have been an important part of us developing Vertigology.  As we mentioned in our list of our top five favorite comic book podcasts, Fight for Comics holds a special place in our hearts.  They have just released podcast #301, which is the final one for them and also the last episode for their sister podcast, Pizza Party.

Since we will be missing the crew with a vengeance, we wanted to share that final episode with everyone and encourage our readers to go back and check out some of their older episodes in their archives.  We would especially encourage everyone to listen to their “read along” episodes where they do radio dramas for Marvel’s The Seige and Iron Man Demon in a Bottle.

Hope to hear you guys again soon!

Listen to Their Final Episode Here

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