Lucifer Television Show Has Problems from Religious Groups and Poor Reviews


If you’re the devil is it worse to have a group of Christian parents up in arms, or Rotten Tomatoes.  The adaptation of the Lucifer comic pulled from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, this time making it a sort of crime procedural.  Vertigo really put a lot of weight into this adaptation by making the new Vertigo relaunch, which was sort of a prelude to the television series, one of their most promoted books.  Lucky for them the new Lucifer book is good, and can stand on its own.

From top to bottom, Christian groups and press are overwhelmingly angry that Fox would bring the famed Adversary to the small screen.  Both One Million Moms and and the American Family Association have both been calling for boycotts, with One Million Moms running a petition for Fox to cancel the show.  Besides going after the network, OMM are also calling for a boycott of Olive Garden since they were a shooting location for the show itself.

Contact Olive Garden, who sponsored the spiritually dangerous program “Lucifer” and paid corporate dollars to promote their restaurants in association with the content of the program.

Use the information we have provided on our website, and let Olive Garden know that its advertising dollars are supporting sympathy towards the devil and glorifying Satan and that financial support should be pulled immediately.

The Christian activists may not actually have to do anything to get it pulled from the airwaves.  The show itself has been almost roundly panned, which could be obvious from the silly advertising campaign that has been used to promote it.  It got a “Rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 43% approval rating, and Metacritic gave it a 49 out of 100.  The show itself could still find an audience, but the advertising, reviews, and plot treatment all sound like a misstep given the source material.  Lucifer itself was a detailed and dark fantasy book that was intricate and involved.  That is absolutely not what the television show is, not to mention it being incredibly watered down and with lowered quality for network.  This was the same problem that Constantine came to, and both of the properties could have done better if brought to a premium network like they are doing with Preacher.  iZombie has seen a success on the CW, but that is because the comic was campy to begin with.




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  1. Vertigology

    […] whether or not WGN can actually handle a property like this.  Fox’s recent attempt at both Lucifer and Constantine were embarrassing misfires to adapt adult and complex properties to a very dumbed […]


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