‘Preacher’ AMC Premiere Date Announced at SXSW


Preacher may be the comic book television adaptation that we are the most excited for since this wave of comic properties began.  It may be that Preacher has been rumored for years, that it is one of the most acclaimed properties in comic history, or that having it on a channel like AMC instead of Fox may finally result in some quality.  Now we actually have a date to look forward to.

The pilot premiere on AMC will be at 10:00pm PST/EST on May 22nd, this year.  It will then move to 9:00pm for its regular time, which will resume for the second episode on June 5th.  From here we can expect a regular season, which on AMC runs anywhere from 10-14 episodes.  We hope that it follows Walking Dead and gives us a regular full season.

The reviews are still coming in, and though we are not expecting it to be the most direct adaptation, it looks like it is still going to have much of the storyline, quality, and characters that made Preacher such a defining comic of Vertigo’s 1990s.


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