Josh Williamson Announces Vertigo Miniseries ‘Frostbite’


It looks like The Flash is not the only DC Comics book that we are getting from Joshua Williamson.

After signing up to write the relaunch of The Flash with DC’s Rebirth event, Williamson is also bringing a creator-owned title to Vertigo Comics. The new six-issue miniseries called Frostbite is quite a step away from the broad superhero work, and even much of his Image Comics work that walks a line between dark and accessible.

FROSTBITE follows Keaton, a South American woman and a “coyote,” a human trafficker specializing in no-questions-asked transportation of people across dangerous landscapes. Decades earlier, the world entered a new ice age; though the remaining populace has survived and adapted to the frozen environment using new technology, the weather is not their biggest danger. A new disease nicknamed “Frostbite” is making its way across the remaining communities. It literally turns people into ice, slowly freezing the moisture in their cells. Keaton and her crew are tasked with transporting two scientists from Mexico to a science lab on Alcatraz where they are working on a cure. It should be easy; after all, it’s only an elderly man and his adult daughter. But when the transport is attacked Keaton finds out that the scientist and his daughter have a bounty on their heads, and this simple transport job becomes very, very complicated.

This runs even darker than Nailbiter, the serial-killer investigative book that we have been following incredibly closely. Williamson has grown as a fan-favorite writer over the last year, writing popular additions to the massive Marvel Secret Wars event, and whose books Ghosted and Birthright gained a small, yet committed, audience. Williamson, whose accessibility and friendly personality has made him a choice panelist at conventions, said that doing a project like Frostbite is exactly where he wants to be.

“For a comic book writer, this is a dream come true,” said Williamson. “There aren’t too many people that get the chance to not only write The Flash, one of my all-time favorite characters, but also work with Vertigo; a publisher that’s been a huge influence on my writing style. DC Comics is an important company to me; I’ve loved these characters all my life and an opportunity to add to their mythology is amazing. It’s an honor to be a part of it.”

There are no solicits for Frostbite yet, which leads us to believe that it will not begin until after Rebirth is well under way. This will likely lead us into the end of summer or the beginning of September, which could also signify a huge train of new series given the further Vertigo rebranding. Vertigo’s recent success with miniseries, as well as their lean away from a shared universe and in favor of continuing the creator-owned mantle, also signifies that we may be in store for a great run of self-contained miniseries.


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